This week in maths, we have been busy learning the 3 times table. We have used what we know about counting in 3s to help us. We even had some new teachers in the class!

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Year 2 really enjoyed their first mathletics lesson. They had 2 challenges. One was to see how many calculations they could write if the answer was 10. One pair managed to find 48 calculations! The other challenge was to use 1-9 digit cards to make a range of numbers that fitted into a certain criteria, but they could only use each card once. The children enjoyed this problem solving challenge.

Positional and Directional Language
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Year 2 have been learning about positional and directional language. They worked in pairs to direct each other in a Where’s Wally game to get Wally to collect various items on the board. They used language such as left, right, forwards, quarter turn, half turn and whole turn.

The children also went outside and gave each other instructions to move in different ways around the playground.

Today, they worked collaboratively to see how many different ways they could get Jack to the top of the Beanstalk.

Year 6’s Visit
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Thanks to Year 6 who came to help Year 2 use the new Times Tables Rock Star app this morning.

Estimating and Measuring Capacity
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Today in maths, we started to look at capacity. The children made predictions about which containers would hold the least or most water. We then filled each container to see which held the least to the most. The children discovered that different shaped containers hold different amounts of water and that just because it isn’t as tall as the others does not meant that it holds less.

Maths Morning in Year 2
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Last week, we had a maths morning in school. Parents came to school to find out about the importance of maths and then joined their children for a fun maths lesson. In year 2, the children played an adding and subtracting game called Strike it Out and then a doubling and halving board game.

Hello world!
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